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Baby Bouncer - Because Your Baby Deserves the Best

Perhaps one of the greatest inventions since the disposable nappy, the baby bouncer has helped free up mum to do the chores around the house and kept the little one happy for countless hours. No home with a baby should ever be without a baby bouncer, not only can mum get her chores done but at times the little one can play while mum just takes a well deserved break.

Image of Baby Bouncer.

All babies like to be where the action is, they want to be a part of everything that is going on, whilst this may not always seem to be practical a good baby bouncer seat gives the little one a safe place to hang out with the rest of the family and stay out of harm’s way. It can also be a good place to feed your baby if you choose to bottle feed and will give mum a break as other members of the family can learn to feed the littlest family member in the safety of the bouncy seat. 

Whilst there are dozens of different styles and brands of baby bouncers on the market there is no clear cut way to define which one is going to be the best baby bouncer for your baby. When the baby is very young a bouncy seat that looks a little like an infant car seat is probably the best choice. These are made to sit low to the ground so that the baby cannot tip them over and get hurt. The first baby bouncer is also carefully made with a rounded back to help support the spine as it is forming.

You might want to consider a baby bouncer that can later be converted into a toddler bouncer seat such as the Link-A-Doos Infant to Toddler Rocker by Fisher price. This clever bouncer is made to accommodate children from birth up to a maximum weight of 40lbs (18kg). It has a built in kick stand to hold it steady for when you are feeding your little one or when they fall asleep and has a two position reclining seat.

You might also consider a vibrating baby bouncer. Using one D size battery the vibrator creates soothing vibrations that are similar to a nice quiet ride in the car which helps soothe the baby and sends them off for a nice nap. One thing to consider is that while there are a lot of different baby bouncers available in every style and color imaginable; ensure they have passed the safety standards established by both children’s safety organizations and the government.

Buying a Baby Bouncer

Buying your baby a bouncer that has not passed these safety standards can lead to the possibility of injury. This does not mean that all inexpensive baby bouncer are made poorly and can result in your child being injured it simply means that you should check the ones that you are looking at thoroughly before placing your child in one of them.

The original Johnny Jump Up has been around for many years and consists of a clamp that attaches to the top of your door frame from which a chain and spring suspend a cloth seat for your little one to sit in. The seat in this baby bouncer is designed to give your baby plenty of support for his or her spine while helping them to develop a good sense of balance and strengthening their leg muscles. The Johnny Jump Up is very simple to use all you have to do is clamp it on the door frame, adjust the height and place your child in the seat. 

While a baby bouncer or a baby bouncer chair can be the ideal way to keep your baby happy and occupied for a short time, never leave your child unattended no matter how short a time. Other than that your child can have a lot of fun in their baby bouncer while you can have a little bit of a break and relax or get some chores done.