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Baby Bjorn Bouncer - The Baby Bjorn Bouncer a New Look at an Old Friend

Perhaps one of the best friends a mum can have when their little ones are still very small is a bouncy chair. These chairs are designed to allow mum to put baby down and relax or get a few simple chores done without worrying about the safety of the little one. The Baby Bjorn bouncer chair has been carefully researched and designed to keep baby safe while providing him with something more than just a place to be set it while mum takes a well deserved break.

Image of Baby Bjorn Bouncer.

Makers of the Baby Bjorn bouncer take great pride in everything that they make for your baby by having each item thoroughly tested by independent testing facilities in both Europe and the US and have won many awards for their innovative designs and unique products. The latest bouncer from Baby Bjorn is called the Balance and is available in two different models the standard and the Balance Air.

According to researchers at Baby Bjorn when your child is comfortable and content he feels like his life is balanced and is far happier which leaves you more able to relax and enjoy life. From this thought comes the Balance bouncer, which is far simpler than any other baby bouncer on the market today. It does not come in bright flashy colors that will over stimulate your baby nor does it comes with battery operated vibrators or toys.

Great Design on Baby Bouncer from Bjorn

Instead the Balance is designed to let your baby create their own pleasure by using their natural movement to create a rocking motion that is both stimulating and relaxing at the same time. By rocking and moving themselves in the bouncer they learn to develop their motor skills.

Many parents say that they have a lot fun watching their baby bounce all over the place creating a fun bouncy rocking motion until they get tired and then gently rock themselves to sleep. Even at a very young age your baby can make the Baby Bjorn bouncer start to move creating lots of giggling and fun, as they get older they will learn how to make the bouncer really kick until they are shrieking with laughter.

When it is time for you to stop and feed your child you can lock the bouncer into one of three different positions to make it much easier to give your baby a bottle.

In fact the Babysitter Balance has three different positions play, rest and sleep to help make sure both you and your baby get the most use possible out of the bouncer.

In case the bouncer seat gets dirty, as all baby bouncers do, the cover is easily removed and tossed in to the washing machine to come out fresh and clean for the next use.

You can also buy a range of different colored covers that while colorful are subdued to keep baby from being visually over stimulated when he is trying to rest. Mothers all over the world give the Baby Bjorn Bouncer a perfect score as one of the best baby bouncers available anywhere.