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Ergo Baby Carrier - The Ergo Baby Carrier is All the Baby Carrier You Will Ever Need

Most parents and doctors agree that the best way to carry your baby is to carry your baby close to your heart on your chest when they are very young. With this in mind there have been several different slings and baby carriers designed to do the job. This type of nurturing carrier gives you baby comfort in the knowledge that you are right there all the time and helps to build strong emotional bonds. This is the reason that the Ergo Baby Carrier was created and has become one of the most popular baby carriers on the market today.

Image of Ergo Baby Carrier.

Of all the different carriers on the market one of the features of the Ergo Baby Carrier that appeals to parents the most is how light it is. When they look at it and then try it on they simply cannot believe how little it weighs and the fact that when it is not being used it folds flat making it very easy to pack away in the boot of your car.

The Ergo Baby Carrier is designed to be used with newborns all the way up until your child reaches 18 Kg or 40 Lbs. When you are using the Ergo Baby Carrier with a newborn there is a special Ergo Carrier Insert that is designed to fit inside the carrier and swaddle your baby while they are in the carrier. Since you are going to carry your infant in front of you facing your chest the insert is designed to help keep their head and neck properly supported until they are old enough to do this for themselves.

If like most parents you tend to carry plenty of extra supplies when you are out and about with your baby, you know how hard it can be to juggle a diaper bag and a carrier as well as taking care of your little one without breaking your back.

While the carrier has built in pockets which are fine for a couple of small items, you need the Ergo Baby Carrier back pack to help you carry everything else. You can hook it to the straps of your Ergo carrier or when you are using a stroller you can carry it as a back pack using the built in straps.

While you are out looking at the various baby carriers available at retailers, the Ergo Baby Carrier will stand head and shoulders above any other brand they are likely to carry. The wide shoulder straps make them extremely comfortable to wear and easy to use. Once your baby reaches toddlerhood it can be converted to a back pack style carrier and you can place your child behind you so that their weight is more evenly dispersed on your shoulders and hips.

Machine washable and easy to use are what most parents want in a baby carrier. The fact that the Ergo Baby Carrier is so lightweight and has a full line of accessories to make it more useful is an added bonus. If you are going to buy a carrier for your baby then you should by one from Ergo as it will be the only one you will ever need.